Rory McIlroy
4 Time Major Champion
European Ryder Cup Member

"When it came to working on my equipment with Nike, Ben was one of those guys I could always trust to do what was best for my game. Whether it was working on the bounce for my wedges or dialing in a 3-wood, his technical expertise and service provided me the confidence I needed in my clubs to perform. Anyone looking to enhance their game will benefit from working on their equipment with Ben."

Francesco Molinari
10 worldwide wins & 2018 Open Champion
European Ryder Cup Member

"I’ve been lucky to get to know Ben in my years on the PGATOUR playing Nike clubs. He’s one of the most precise and knowledgeable technicians I have met in my career and someone I would always go to for opinions and to make sure the work would be done properly. For guys on tour like me it’s never easy to switch clubs, that’s why it is so important to have someone you can trust and that has the ability to help you find the perfect match. Ben did all of this for me and many other guys with great success."

Kevin Chappell
2017 Texas Valaro Winner
US Presidents Club Member

"Ben has made me a not only a better player, but a more educated player regarding my equipment. My time with Ben was always fun and informative. I believe that’s why he is the best club builder out there- perfect to be my club builder, your club builder, our club builder."

Sean Foley
Golf Instructor
Top 50 Best Teachers

"Ben Giunta is one of the top club fitters I have met while working on the PGA Tour for the last 10 years. His knowledge of golf equipment is second to none and he did a wonderful job supporting the equipment needs of all of the NIKE athletes on the PGA Tour. Ben is the consummate professional and if his skills were appreciated by the best players in the world imagine what he can do for your game."

Randy Smith
Golf Pro Emeritus Royal Oaks Dallas, TX
Top 50 Best Teachers

"The PGA Tour is going to really miss a great technician like Ben Giunta. Ben has the respect of not only Nike players but a number of players that represent other golf equipment companies. Ben is a true gentleman that will bring the same professionalism to the custom fitting of equipment for amateur players of all skill levels. The only way to buy clubs is to buy properly made clubs that match the person being fitted. I can’t think of a better person to do that job than Ben."

Kevin Kirk
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
4 time STPGA Teacher of the Year

"One of my clients is Jhonattan Vegas. Jhonattan is 2 time winner on the PGA Tour and a NIKE Staff Athlete. As a coach, I work closely with the equipment reps/technicians to make sure we optimize performance of the athletes we oversee. My relationship with the equipment reps/techs is critical. We are dealing with the very sensitive relationships between the athlete, club, and environment. To some degree, these relationships are always changing and it is my responsibility to make sure that things are moving and trending the right direction. Five years ago, I met Ben Giunta. Ben was a tech who worked in the NIKE van on the PGA Tour. It was clear right from the beginning that Ben possessed a very unique set of skills. He had great product knowledge, club fitting skills and had the repair skills to help us work through problems and optimize performance. More importantly, he was a great listener, had a great disposition, and very focused on making sure that Jhonattan and I had whatever we needed in terms of knowledge, information, equipment or technology in our effort to optimize JV’s performance. He was the “go to guy” for JV and me at NIKE. I am certain that much of JV’s success can be traced back to the support that Ben provided us over the last 5 years."

Jhonattan Vegas
3 time PGA Tour Winner
International Presidents Cup Member

"The most important thing in golf equipment is having somebody that truly understand how clubs work and how that could be beneficial to you. Ben was that person for me in all my years on the PGA Tour and a big factor every year on getting my equipment right to perform at the highest level. If I trusted him to work on my clubs, you should too."

Jamie Lovemark
2 time Web.com Winner
Current PGA Tour Member

"As a tour player that plays 25 plus events a year I know how valuable it is to have equipment that is tailored precisely to my specifications. Ben has always made sure that my equipment has maintained its tolerance throughout the vigorous schedule. He’s able to dial in my clubs to help me perform at the highest level, because sometimes a half degree wrong is the difference in winning and losing. From grinding custom wedges to balancing swing weights on my longer than standard clubs, he’s able to perform any task a tour player needs."

David Duval
13 time PGA Tour Winner
2001 British Open Champion

"I was always thankful to have Ben as a part of the Nike team. His expertise in club fitting was an irreplaceable resource for the Nike staff players. In my 20 plus years as a professional I’ve never met anyone more capable or passionate in the club fitting arena. Our loss will most certainly be the public’s gain. Don’t hesitate to tap his vast knowledge of the game."

Seung-Yul Noh
5 worldwide wins
1 PGA Tour victory

"Ben’s knowledge of the golf club helped me finding perfect club for my game. He’s is the best in the business."

Derek Freeman
UCLA Golf Coach

“Jason has done incredible work for our team. His ability to make the proper diagnosis about a player and then build the right product for them is something rarely seen. He was able to fit our players with all of the correct lofts, lies, and shafts allowing them to perform at the highest level. In addition to, Jason’s unlimited knowledge for equipment allowed us to maximize our performance and was critical to our success”

Allen Terrell
Director of Coaching | Managing Partner Dustin Johnson Golf School 2020 Carolina's PGA Teacher of the Year

"I have worked with Jason Werner for almost 2 decades. Our business is about improved performance. When it comes to making sure my clients have the right club in their hands, there is no one I better trust than Jason."