Have you ever wondered what it is like to get fit for clubs on the PGA Tour? PGA Tour vans have everything they need to build a complete set of custom golf clubs to each tour pro’s exact specifications. The Tour Van now brings the same fitting experience to you, providing club fitting in Portland, OR (May-Oct), Tucson, AZ (Nov-Apr) and Nashville, TN year-round.

We developed our method by fitting players on the PGA Tour. But we use the same principles, strategies techniques for players of every level. We believe in  fitting each golfer by listening to their goals, evaluating what they need, and delivering the proper fit equipment to complement each player’s body type and swing mechanics. This method is built on a foundation of insights and experience working with golfers who have won everything from Club Championships to Major Championships. Unlike many other fitting facilities, our reliance on TrackMan™ data is minimal, however we do utilize this technology for nearly every fitting experience, especially as a form of validation. Also, unlike many other fitters, we believe in fitting each player in a game-like environment, outdoors and on grass. These conditions allow an experienced, unbiased club fitting professional to examine ball flight turf and  interaction.

The Tour Van offers an extensive menu of tour quality golf equipment, club repair and club fittings. Our unique fitting matrix allows independent testing of variables for all clubs throughout the bag. For example, we can test a single shaft with multiple club heads from different manufacturers or a single club head with multiple shafts. In total, The Tour Van’s fitting matrix can create over 25,000 different fitting clubs. The Tour Van builds each club from raw components using PGA Tour quality equipment to build custom golf clubs on site while incorporating the same principles, strategies and techniques used on Tour.

Ben Giunta – Club Fitter, BUILDER & FOUNDER

Ben is a club fitter based in Portland, Oregon and a Northwest native with two decades of experience in the golf industry.  Prior to creating The Tour Van Ben started his professional career at Taylormade Golf transitioning to Nike Golf where he was a PGA Tour Field Representative. Working directly with Nike endorsed professional athletes he specialized in fitting, building and adjusting their equipment for tour-level performance on a weekly basis.

Ben’s experience working with and fitting tour players is unlike other club fitters, and he now brings his expertise to you, delivering the same PGA Tour Van experience previously only reserved for the professionals. One of Ben’s greatest strengths is his unique ability to understand a player’s equipment needs for their specific game. And because The Tour Van partners with the top golf equipment companies, he can create the ideal equipment for you and your game.

"When it came to working on my equipment with Nike, Ben was one of those guys I could always trust to do what was best for my game. Whether it was working on the bounce for my wedges or dialing in a 3-wood, his technical expertise and service provided me the confidence I needed in my clubs to perform. Anyone looking to enhance their game will benefit from working on their equipment with Ben."

 – Rory McIlroy

That was Ben Giunta, owner of The Tour Van, a Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitter based in Portland, Ore., and the man, along with business partner Jason Werner, charged with taking care of the equipment needs of players competing in LIV Golf Invitational events held in the United States.

Rory McIlroy and Ben Giunta



Jason is a club fitter based in Nashville, Tennessee and originally from Western Michigan. Drawing on 20 years of experience in the golf industry and 11 years of top level work with the world’s best players at TaylorMade Golf company, Jason has seen and worked with many of today’s top players from the very beginning of their career. From recruiting young talent to play TaylorMade equipment to providing complete equipment builds, the details required from driver to putter never go overlooked. He has provided some of the best players in the world with the highest quality service and now brings that to you through an experience normally reserved for the world’s elite golfers. One of Jason‘s greatest strengths is understanding a players background, mindset and approach to the game, and using that to reveal the specific keys to unlocking measurable and observable results. 

“Jason Werner spent several years fitting and building clubs for our players at The University of Tennessee. I consider Jason to be a World Class Professional when it comes to club fitting. You simply will not find anyone better than Jason to work on your game!! "

- Jim Kelson Former Head Men’s Golf Coach @ The University of Tennessee


Ben Giunta discusses gripping preferences for PGA Tour players 

2015 Player’s Championship.